Opened his own Practice as a Design-Build Firm in 1982 with an office located in Westbury, NY and received his Professional Architect’s License in 1992 to practice as a Registered Architect and Design Professional. Benjamin Rutella now has 30 years of Architecture, Design and Construction experiences with projects completed in Nassau, Suffolk County, Upstate, New York City and as far as Florida.

Benjamin Rutella relocated his practice out East to Suffolk County during the 2000 Residential Building Boom. Was instrumental in Designing and Building Mansion Homes in the Gold Coast area’’s, North and South Shore’s of Long Island. Has worked with many Private Land Developers-Builders Planning and Designing Residential Track Home-Planned Developments such as Woodbury Estates, Evergreen Estates, Mansion at Sagamore Hills, The Manors at Chester Hills located in Huntington and Commercial Shopping Centers in New York State including the Waldbaum‘s Shopping Center in the City of Long Beach.

His Professional Architectural Practice is presently located in the City of Long Beach and has been working locally for over 7 years and has been a Long Beach Resident for the same period. Benjamin Rutella has been active with  running Business Networking Group known as Elephant Networking, the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, elected as Treasurer for a 2 year term and appointed as part of the Executive Board.

Benjamin Rutella’s interests to create things and working on complex things has gained him experience by taking photo's from a photographer including video segments and clips, art work, technical material, and putting together Video Production work by using complex Video and Cinematography programs.

Also, due to his ability to work with production programs, Benjamin Rutella has a eye for location photography features, different than what the normal eye can see. His Architectural eye and creative mind for details, forms, shapes, shade and shadows affords him the creative videographer and cinematographer edge to create eye catching video production work.

Benjamin Rutella started working side by side with Stacey A. Meyer, Photographer, Journalist and Anchorwoman, where Benjamin Rutella is now behind the video camera capturing all of Stacey A. Meyers interviews as they worked together for DISTRACT TV as a Videographer and Cinematographer.

Soon after, Stacey A. Meyer and Benjamin Rutella decided to launched there own joint venture Production Company called MeyeRutella Productions. And a year after, decide to launch U'R It TV as there own Web Based Media Channel.

Pursuing his dreams, he attended New York Institute

of Technology in New York City and received a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture Degree, plus completed a one (1) year Special Thesis Study program related to City Planning, Historic Building Design and received an Accredited Masters Degree. During his five years of college studies, Benjamin Rutella had an interest in Photography as well and took 2 years of elective

studies in photography and film making.

Videographer & Cinematographer

Journalist, Anchorwoman and Photographer

Where others see nothing or many people see a little, Stacey finds inspiration in everything and anything she see’s. From a simple cloud in the sky to a bird sitting on a tree limb or a child playing on the grass or in a playground. She will capture the moment that can be expressionless and will turn a simple shot into a great photo and a difficult shot into an amazing photo.

In her early development years, Stacey started working with a National Photography company called "Life Touch" and was a Photography Assistant related to school portraits and school sports photography. She was a quick learner and soon thereafter, was setting up back drops, stage areas and setting up events. Most importantly, this enabled her to see all the general aspects of a Photography Business which helped her understand all the necessary and important steps to becoming an outstanding photographer.

Her next adventure was to start Free-lancing and photographing the memories for people that would trust her in capturing the moments at a Wedding, Portraits, Sporting Events, Concerts and On Location Photography as well as doing Residential and Architectural Photography, Commercial and Shopping Centers including Real Estate Photography.

Stacey also enjoys photographing local Ribbon Cutting for the celebration of a new retail store Grand Opening in conjunction with Civic Groups and the Chamber of Commerce. The ribbon cutting photo’s are always associated with store owners, group members, political figure heads and more. Making it possible, that all her ribbon cutting photo’s have been published in Local, County and City Newspapers.

Through many years of practice and training, Stacey has mastered what her eye see’s through the camera lens. She has mastered how to capture an amazing sunset with an incredible amount of vibrant colors in a photo. This is all due to her patience to understand her own equipment, her personal capabilities and understanding the add on camera apertures that either block unwanted light or allow soft light to enter a lens. In her eyes, she is the Auto-Enhancer, because she waits patiently for that amazing moment, knowing her best photo could be as little to a second away.

Her love of nature and for adventure, as well as compassion for the Arts and our planet, has taken Stacey A. Meyer to many places around the globe to capture wildlife, sceneries, amazing landscapes, different cultures, quaint villages and town’s. She continues to grow everyday in her photography using life as her canvas and her camera to capture it.

Besides Photography, Stacey A. Meyer was told by many Producers, Actors, Celebrity's and other people that not only does she belong behind the camera.. but she should be in front of the camera as well. With that said, Stacey A. Meyer started to prepare herself for being in front of the camera with acting classes, radio commentating, voice over work and more importantly, started Journalist and Anchorwoman work with Distract TV for over a year and now has ventured off to lunch her own Production Company known as MeyeRutella Products and her own Web Based TV company know as U'r It TV.  

For as long as she remembers, beautiful sceneries, great landscapes, capturing a certain view has always been Stacey’s passion and by always having a camera handy, she began to realize that Photography is endless since there are so many different vista’s to choose from when your in the moment of a great shot.

Starting at an early age, Stacey used left over cameras found around the home and got her first camera at the age of 9 years old. Her first own camera was a Polaroid Instamatic ... she was totally hooked.


STACEY A. MEYER,                

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